Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Challenge #3 at Amber's Crafts & Stuff

Our challenge this week was to use flowers.  I started a project based on this little lovely:

From here:

But of course, I couldn't find the same yarn nor any daisy trim.  But I did find these cute littel brad flowers with blingy centers.

And this - On Sale - and sufficiently green and fluffy (second pic shows fluffy-ness)

A little "hairy" I'll admit, but OH SO VERY VERY SOFT!!

And I made this:

Close up of the top banner - which was hand cut and hand lettered because I am the owner of neither Cricut nor printer.

Close up of the cute little bee sticker at the bottom.

But I can't say that I was truly happy with it, so I tried another project.  (Another lamp refashion)
I found a cute shiny red cardboard hatbox type thing at The Goodwill.  It has originally housed a paperwhite bulb (for forcing) and had a dome-shaped spray of silk paperwhites on top...which I quickly decimated.

Enter one ugly black parchment lampshade (with requisite icky gold interior) - like this:

Took it to the La-BOR-atory and spray painted it "Lagoon" - a lovely peacock blue - which I'm currently crushing on. (Picture shows it turquoise, but it's totally not)

I of course forgot "during" pictures - I was doing this about 11:00 pm.  Here's the final project.  I'm really kinda liking this one.  (again the pictures don't show the absolute LUCIOUSNESS of this color.)

Not quite sure what I'm going to do for next week's project - I'm not really good at working out of my comfort zone....

Coming up:  Pictures of the terrarium and dish succulent gardens I made this weekend.


  1. I think your wreath turned out beautiful. But I'm always seconding guessing myself too. Can't wait to see what you come up with next week.


  2. Hi there, you asked me about the border I used on my card. It is made with the border punch of Martha Stewart.
    Hugs, Karina