Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Past Crafts - Crafty/Geeky Christmas Ornaments

My son is a geek.  There, I've said it.  Technically all my kids are geeks, but my oldest is a geek of the highest order.  He got his very first Nintendo (the original NES) at age 3 and had mastered every game given to him within mere hours.  He is my very own personal tech nerd, fixing everything from computers to cable boxes, DVD/blu-ray players to stereos, cell phones to servers and everything in between.

But his first love is video games, particularly the old school NES games.  So for Christmas, since his "big" present was car parts (can't fit those under my tree), I made him some little geeky presents to open on Christmas morning.  First - some Perler bead Christmas ornaments.  He and his fiance will be getting their own apartment soon (I hope) and they'll need something to hang on their own tree.  There were MANY MORE, but I only took pics of the first few.

And some porcelain tile coasters (love me some Mod Podge) for his glass computer desk since he is a clean freak and water rings/fingerprints totally flip him out.

Not much, but he got a big kick out of them.


  1. I made a lot of those bead things when my grandson was a baby. They were a lot of fun. I'll have to finish the mobile I started for one of the challenges won't I. Yours are so cute and I love those coasters too. Hugs lin

  2. Those perler ornaments are a hoot! I remember those characters! What a great gift!