Monday, April 25, 2011

Cricut Giveaway

Cindy over at Royal Things is having a giveaway of this awesome Cricut cartridge, FRESHLY PICKED.  It has the most adorable gnomes!!!!

Go on, go enter - you know you wanna!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Challenge projects

In downloading the pics for this week's challenge project, I realized I never blogged about the one for the PREVIOUS week, so - dual post today.

Favorite things challenge- April 13-19.

Favorite color - Turquoise.  Favorite person:  HENRY!!  And I also LOVE anything with a 50's "Atomic Kitsch" look to it, so I combined the three and got this card.  (bad pic follows)

It's really much cuter IRL, I just can't take a decent photo to save my skin...

And in case you don't know who Henry is (of course you don't) - he's my sister's best friend's son, and he is by FAR the most adorable child on earth.  Don't believe me???  Check these out:

Look at that bottom lip - could you die????

CA-YUTE!!! Is he adorbz or what?? 

Now to this week's project.  Not sure if Amber's gonna smack me for posting early or not, but anywhoooo.

I won't give away the theme for this week, I'll just post my card.  (another bad pic follows).  I actually did weave the ribbons in the bottom left corner - then covered them with the flower.  Derp.

And in other news, my daughter made this yesterday:
Excuse the dusty keyboard and giant STACK of coasters in the back - work in progress...

It's a bookmark she drew on with Sharpie pens and colored with Copics.  You can see she got all the real talent in the family.

And finally, a picture of my 18 year old son in a Hello Kitty t-shirt he rescued before I could throw it in the trash.  He claims it is "awesome sauce" and is going to wear it to school.  I'll make sure to blog about it if he gets beat up for wearing it. 

Yes, it's pink...  Finn seems to approve....

Cuttlebug Giveaway @ Welch Creations

Ashley at Welch Creations is giving away a CUTTLEBUG!!!!!  It's a prize for her blog reaching 150 followers!  Congrats to Ashley!!!  Go here to enter to win:

And a pic of a Cuttlebug, just so you can drool a little - I SO want one of these.

Go.  Go now.  Enter.  And if you win, SHARE!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Challenge - New Technique

Now that the challenge is up at Amber's Crafts & Stuff, I can post about my design team project.

My new technique is PAPER CRAFTING.   I know a lot of you may laugh, since 99% of our posted projects are papercraft, but I've never tried it. 

When my kids were really little, I tried "scrapbooking", but not to the extent that you could call it papercraft.  It was mostly ticket stubs from their outings pasted on a similarly themed scrapbook paper, i.e., if they went to the aquarium, I pasted their ticket stubs and any (really bad) pictures I took to a piece of paper with fish on it.  Super basic and boring.  Even they got bored after about 3 outings, so I quit.

Then my dear sister started her craft blog and I saw all the amazing projects these ladies create and I thought I'd give it another try.

I made a gift box. Well, re-created really.  Bad pics follow:


TOP (lid)


The pics are worse than usual and I apologize, but the box is SO SHINY that it was virtually impossible not to get a glare (even with no flash).

My sister's friend has 2 little boys whom I adore and spoil, and I believe they have birthdays coming up real soon, so this will come in handy!

I'm also entering this in the "Make a box or gift" challenge at Lollipop Crafts.  (If decorating a pre-made gift box doesn't qualify, just let me know - it WILL NOT hurt my feelings!!)

After I was done with this, I made 3 cards and really enjoyed myself.  I'll have to stock up on paper now!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today's New Card

I'm starting to like this card making stuff!  Here's the one I made today.  Super simple thank you card.  Using some pretty paper and a rubber butterfly sticker.  I actually cut the sentiment out of last month's LUSH COSMETICS newsletter!

I'm going to enter this one in a challenge at Crazy about Cricut  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two - In One Day

Well, I am on a roll!  I brought some card making supplies with me to work - with the intention of using the guillotine we have to cut the parts out to make another card tonight.  But once I cut, I couldn't stop.

Here's my second card.  I'm not entirely happy with the sentiment - Although - I do think myself very clever for figuring out how to use our big color laser printer to print on a POST-IT note.

I do want to put some embelishments on the scalloped circles, but I didn't have anything with me.  And perhaps some distressing or inking of the sentiment box.

I'm entering this in a birthday themed challenge at Crazy About Cricut.

The Terror-arium....

I promised pics of the terrarium and succulent garden..... and I'm finding it very difficult to photograph something through glass.  These will have to do until I get it completely finished.  I'm currently searching for teensy little people to put on the rock.

The succulent garden:

And finally, some pretty dandelions I picked last week at the park.  I don't care if people call them weeds.  I just love the sunny yellow.  They always make me smile.



Well, lookit me, I made my very first card!  Amber's challenge this week inspired me and I've decided to try my hand at papercrafting for a bit.  I was really pleased with my "design team" project for the challenge, so I kept rolling with it and this is what I came up with. 

It's not perfect OBVIOUSLY since I am not experienced in working with paper or especially rubber stamps, but I think it looks pretty good.  I HAVE decided however, that I am going to have to save up and get a Cricut or some other die cutting system.  I totally can't cut straight.  And the rubber stamping came out a bit wonky.  But for a first try, I'm pretty pleased.

And how do ya like my nifty paperclip card stand???