Monday, April 18, 2011

Challenge projects

In downloading the pics for this week's challenge project, I realized I never blogged about the one for the PREVIOUS week, so - dual post today.

Favorite things challenge- April 13-19.

Favorite color - Turquoise.  Favorite person:  HENRY!!  And I also LOVE anything with a 50's "Atomic Kitsch" look to it, so I combined the three and got this card.  (bad pic follows)

It's really much cuter IRL, I just can't take a decent photo to save my skin...

And in case you don't know who Henry is (of course you don't) - he's my sister's best friend's son, and he is by FAR the most adorable child on earth.  Don't believe me???  Check these out:

Look at that bottom lip - could you die????

CA-YUTE!!! Is he adorbz or what?? 

Now to this week's project.  Not sure if Amber's gonna smack me for posting early or not, but anywhoooo.

I won't give away the theme for this week, I'll just post my card.  (another bad pic follows).  I actually did weave the ribbons in the bottom left corner - then covered them with the flower.  Derp.

And in other news, my daughter made this yesterday:
Excuse the dusty keyboard and giant STACK of coasters in the back - work in progress...

It's a bookmark she drew on with Sharpie pens and colored with Copics.  You can see she got all the real talent in the family.

And finally, a picture of my 18 year old son in a Hello Kitty t-shirt he rescued before I could throw it in the trash.  He claims it is "awesome sauce" and is going to wear it to school.  I'll make sure to blog about it if he gets beat up for wearing it. 

Yes, it's pink...  Finn seems to approve....


  1. Love how you used the ribbon on your card! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I will pick a winner tomorrow! I too am happy to be your newest follower! TFS!


  2. I believe you that he's the most adorable child in the world..after my grandson of course lol. Love the really cute cards and your daughters bookmark is awesome. Can't wait to hear how your son gets on at school lol. Hug slin